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Two years ago, TCC PRESENTS released The Edge Wallet, a simple, yet powerful card-to-wallet that we believe to "usher in a new era of card-to-wallets".

There was no longer a need to worry about the complicated design structure of the wallet, which would hinder the secret operation, and that the design of the wallet only can be used for magic shows and cannot be used as a normal everyday wallet.

It was a wonderful combination of magic and modern trendy minimalistic wallets.

The Edge wallet's main feature was the card-to-wallet function but could also be used as a peek device. Nevertheless, because the peek was just an auxiliary function, it was indeed not as good as other wallets whose main feature is that of a peek wallet.

What if there was a wallet that could perfectly achieve multiple Peek methods, yet could also achieve a smooth and flawless card-to-wallet, wouldn't that be the best of both worlds?

Hence, the brother of the Edge Wallet was born. Its designer, Mr. Shaobo, named it - The INTO Wallet.

In addition to the wallet itself, the complete package also includes envelopes, billets, an ID sleeve, etc. so that you can immediately start practicing and using your wallet in performances when you receive the wallet.

  • Three Peeks, including a peek of a folded card.
  • Three Card-to-wallet methods to suit various occasions.
  • Larger capacity, more storage, more possibilities.
  • Includes envelopes, billets, an ID sleeve.
  • Online instructional video.



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Into Wallet
Into Wallet


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