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The Choice Box

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The magician presents an elegantly crafted wooden box, inviting an audience member to participate in a fun game: They are to select a number at random and stand a chance to win a grand prize.

As the revelation approaches, the magician turns the box to display four numbers, each aligned with a corresponding compartment. The magician proceeds to uncover the rewards corresponding to the remaining numbers-each one more remarkable than the last.

Upon unveiling the chosen number, the result takes an unforeseen turn: the participant wins... a Lollipop! This unexpected twist leaves the audience in a state of both disbelief and amusement. The magician then produces a lollipop, concluding the performance amidst the laughter and astonishment of the audience.

Designed by Didier Ledda, the prop's special structure guides all four selections to the same outcome. All you need to do is lift up the box by its four corners, and it can lead to the desired result, no matter the number the participant nominates.

Crafted meticulously from North American black walnut wood, The Choice Box has a profound color, intricate grain, and durability. These qualities add an air of mystery and storytelling, elevating the overall performance.

The golden numbers are made of PVC waterproof decals. Each compartment resembles a finely carved showcase. The box's edges are adorned with intricate patterns, adding to its elegance.

Beyond accommodating just folded billets, the compartments can also house small objects.

The Choice Box merges art with psychology, weaving a narrative about destiny and decision-making.



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The Choice Box
The Choice Box


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